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About Our Backpack

We both love Japan, and the name is a blend of the Japanese words “nakama” (companion) and “ikikata” (way of life/direction). Our backpack can become your lifelong companion, no matter where you go.

Our high-quality lifestyle backpack is an alternative to the typical nylon-tech backpacks, offering everyday usability in style.

We use the best materials and carefully selected a manufacturing partner who does only premium work. We thoroughly tested the prototypes for more than 6 months, streamlining and making improvements along the way based on the feedback of our "beta testers.”

The result is a flexible design that makes our backpack a perfect fit for every situation from the daily commute to a trip into the unknown.

Very good question. We took our time finding a supplier that cares about quality as much as we do, one with a track record of working with premium brands. And all the materials used are made especially for us, guaranteeing that quality is consistent.

However, just as a precaution, we also include one additional step: we have a third-party inspection company do a second round of quality control before our products are shipped to our customers. 

- The outer material is high-quality 15 oz canvas with 100% vegetable tanned, 3 mm thick full grain leather.

- We added padding on the back and the adjustable shoulder straps for comfortability and padding on the laptop sleeve and the bottom to protect your items.

- On the back, we have a secret pocket with a blind-zipper i.e. for your passport. 

- The shoulder strap features a small sleeve for your public transport card that makes everyday commuting easier. 

- The side pockets have grommets to fit your USB cables so that you could put a power bank inside and charge your phone.

- On the inside, you have several pockets with a laptop sleeve that easily fits your 15" Laptop, a sleeve for your iPad or eReader, 2 - Pockets for Phone, Sunglasses or whatever else you want to carry. 

- On the front, we have 2 pockets for your chargers. All the pockets are closable with a Velcro to make sure everything stays in its place and the inside lining is a soft velour so you do not scratch your items.

- Last but not least we added a keychain with a carabiner hook so you never have to search for your keys again. To make sure the key does not scratch anything we added another small pocket to fit it as well.

The backpack is 45 cm high, 32 cm wide and 18 cm deep. 

It offers a volume of around 25 L. 

To give our vintage-inspired design a modern look we decided for Deep Well, a dark gray that has a night blue hue. We love this color because it's neutral and therefore timeless. This shade of gray is versatile what makes it an ideal addition to any color, starting from classic black and white to all kind of bright colors or earthy tones.
You can never go out of style with our Deep Well color!


We considered doing a Kickstarter campaign for our first model, but in the end, we decided against it and produced a small amount of backpacks with our own money.

We are bursting of ideas for new products though and will consider Kickstarter a good way to get the money to order in the future!

About Inikama

Yes! We are full of ideas and some of them are already in the making. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to be the first to hear about them.

But first, we want to focus on our current product to make sure it is no less than perfect.