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Sustainability is one of the most important topics for Inikama that should get more attention from the whole textile industry. Writing the word sustainability only takes around three seconds. So it can easily be used as a marketing buzzword although it takes much time, effort and background research to fill it with meaning. We consider it a big problem that the textile industry is often dishonest, or not transparent with the use of these buzzwords and, more often than not, it's not possible to verify information if you get any at all.
Inikama stands for transparency on our current processes and carefully considers the possibilities as a small brand while striving to fulfill our ambitious ideas. We want to become a brand that gives back to the world.
All this for a backpack? Of course. Almost everyone uses a backpack on a daily basis so this is a product with impact. In our opinion, every brand should do its best to work on its processes and products to improve sustainability.
These are our current approaches:

Natural Materials

We use natural materials over plastics to create our products. What is better to fight the overuse of plastics than not using them? We considered the whole lifetime of our product for this choice. Cotton is a resource that uses energy and CO2, although it performs well when compared to synthetic materials. Same goes for our leather. To make vegetable tanned leather natural tannins are used rather than harmful chemicals. An often used alternative, so called “PU-leather” or “vegan-leather” is using a Polyurethane-surface. Again a plastic to avoid.
The reasons for not using plastics is not only their energy consuming production, but that there is no eco-friendly way to remove them and that they are releasing microplastics during their whole lifetime which does massive harm to the environment.
To be fully transparent here: We also have some parts that are made from plastics, but we are looking for ways to replace them without losing functionality or quality.

Slow Fashion

Our products always have the highest quality in workmanship and materials to make sure they are very durable and long lasting. Many brands offer trend products or suggest you should buy a new color every few months. Inferior quality products are not lasting longer than a year or two. Our products reward long term use because the materials develop its own character over time and will become truly unique.


To avoid as much plastic as possible we are not using plastic packaging.


As a new brand, we have very low order quantities we do not have many possibilities. That's why we describe in our “Mission And Vision” section what we want to do in the future.


You should have a good conscience when you buy one of our products and we want to have one when selling it. One thing we can do to achieve that is to support projects that allow you to offset the emissions our product creates. The idea to plant a tree is a good start but we want to do more than spend this 0,20 €. We will search for trustworthy, good projects and will announce our support as soon as we find them and take it from there.